Discover our Perforated & Laser Cut Aluminium Screens that pair modern design with practicality. Crafted for seamless integration into your architecture, these screens come in various patterns. They cast playful light and shadows, adding elegance to all spaces. Ideal for both commercial and residential projects, they offer privacy and effective sun control with a sleek look. Choose our screens for a stylish yet practical enhancement to your architectural projects, embodying fine design with every detail.

  • Perforated Screens


Finish Options

Powder coat, Anodised, Specialist coatings such as timber look

Control Options

Fixed screen, operable screen as shutters, fixed shutter, available in various designs


Versatile perforation patterns designed for both commercial and residential projects

Design Flexibility

Tailored solutions with a variety of perforation patterns to suit specific design requirements


Ideal for adding privacy, reducing solar heat, and creating a contemporary aesthetic

Weather Resistance

Crafted to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring durability and longevity


Enhanced Privacy and Design

Perfect for adding a layer of privacy while maintaining a modern, stylish look that complements any architectural space.


Dynamic Sun-Shading Elegance

Transform spaces with versatile perforated screens, offering a range of patterns for unique interior and exterior designs.


Flexible Design Patterns

A multitude of perforation patterns available, catering to diverse design needs for commercial and residential applications.


Superior Aluminium Durability

Expertly crafted from the finest aluminium, chosen for its strength and resistance to the elements, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time and weather.